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In-House Bloodwork

  • Complete Blood Counts – looks at the white blood cells and red blood cells looking for signs of infection, anemia, and auto-immune disease
  • Serum chemistry panels – allows us to get an idea of how the liver and kidneys are doing along with electrolyte levels. This test is a staple for multiple diagnoses.
  • T4 – We are able to monitor thyroid levels once a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism is made to ensure proper level of medication to keep your pet healthy.
  • We also work closely with an outside lab that provides additional diagnostics testing. Depending on the presenting signs, the veterinarian may recommend tests that need to be sent of for analysis. 

Fecal tests

  • A fecal is used to check for parasites. This is important, especially in our large animal friends, to ensure your animal is being treated with the correct dewormer to try to prevent resistance issues.


  • Helpful in monitoring kidney and bladder health.

Fine needle analysis

  • If there is a lump that has developed on your furry friend, then a doctor will likely want to get a sample in order to determine what it is and come up with an appropriate treatment plan.


  • Radiographs – otherwise known as x-rays. If patient comes in for coughing, the doctor may want to take chest radiographs to look at the lungs for any signs of disease and assess the heart. Radiographs are also important for looking for foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract and to look for internal tumors. If your animal is lame, radiographs can be used to assess the bones for any fractures or displacements and look at the joints. We also have portable digital x-ray for lower limb lameness assessment in large animals.
  • Ultrasound - this is an important non-invasive procedure available. This tool allows our doctors to view real time diagnostic imaging of your pet's organs, beyond what the eye can see on radiographs and what the hands can appreciate by touch. This is a great tool for early pregnancy checks and for abdominal organ assessment and sampling. 

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