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Training for your canine companion

Here at Myrtle Veterinary Hospital, we offer positive reinforcement training with Francie Jonsson. Positive reinforcement means using the least amount of force as necessary. This helps in setting up behaviors and giving clear information to your dog so they will want to or at least try to accomplish what you are asking them to do.  

We offer private and group lessons in obedience, puppy, and trick classes. Soon we will be able to offer AKC Canine Good Citizen and AKC STAR Puppy Classes. Note: All Classes need shot records on file. 

Obedience: This is a 6 week class and the 1st class is orientation and will be a no dog class. You will learn the basics of Sit, Stand, Down, Stay, Recalls, Loose Leash Walking, and Leave It. 

Trick: We pick out several fun, easy tricks and work on them. When there is a struggle, we will break the trick down and figure out how to help your dog accomplish the trick. 

Musical Freestyle: Putting fin tricks and behaviors together with music. For example, performing circles around you and weaving through your legs. 

AKC-Canine Good Citizen or STAR Puppy Program: Through this program, we work on training your dog in 10 different areas.

  1. 1. Accepting a Friendly Stranger
  2. 2. Sitting Politely for Petting
  3. 3. Appearance and Grooming
  4. 4. Out For a Walk (Loose Leash)
  5. 5. Walking Through a Crowd
  6. 6. Sit and Down on Command/Staying in Place
  7. 7. Coming When Called
  8. 8. Reaction to Another Dog
  9. 9. Reaction to Distractions
  10. 10) Supervised Separation

If you would like to schedule a training session or have further questions about services/types of classes offered,  please call our Groomer's office at 541-559-0115.

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